Project Description

The Sun at Night
David Henckel UK


The Sun at Night is a touring installation from artist David Henckel that explores our relationship to the Sun, and creatively disseminates the research and stunning images taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Beginning life as a collaborative research project during an extended residency at The University of Central Lancashire and the Solar Physics group, it has evolved into a moving work which offers: space for contemplation and a reflection on our place in the Universe.

One year’s worth of High Definition footage of The Sun has been condensed into a stunning 30-minute film, accompanied by an appropriately deep and sinister soundtrack based on Solar activity data and imagery.

David Henckel is a contemporary audio-visual artist, experienced in leading complex public art projects, which involve multiple partners. He works with emerging & established artists, local communities, commercial organisations and civic institutions to produce immersive installations and experiences.